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5 Creative Ways To Reuse Canning Jars

From a sustainability perspective, reusing glass jars is a great way to lessen plastic consumption while offering an opportunity to be creative and think “outside of the box.”

The purpose is to be mindful of how and why you are reusing glass jars in a way that adds functionality to your daily dynamics. Rusted lids, for example, are never an excellent option to reutilize a mason jar for food purposes, but without a doubt, you can find endless other ways to give them a new life. Here are five creative ways to repurpose mason jars:


Food Storage

I started reusing glass containers for food storage even before jumping fully into the DIY / recycling wagon. Probably one of the most common methods of repurposing canning jars, food storing such as nuts, beans, and grains is a great way to keep your kitchen cabinet organized and tidy. It also encourages you to bring the jars to the store and buy in bulk whenever they are looking empty!

Flower Vases

Presumably, my favorite way to repurpose a glass container! Why buy a flower vase when you can grow a garden inside a mason jar? Flowers are not the only option though. As long as you have proper drainage, you can plant anything from succulents to rooting plants and herbs. Read this article for further instructions!

Soap Dispenser

Ever since I discovered the multiple versions of canning lids there are, I became fascinated with finding new solutions for refillable glass jars. Making a soap dispenser out of a mason jar is not only easy but also a great way of buying liquid soap in bulk without having to purchase a new container. All you need is a soap pump, and you’re set! Here’s a great example.


Going back to the topic of lids, you can reutilize a glass container to sprout almost any type of seeds at home. Check this out!


As good as it sounds, anything from salt and pepper to sugar, spices and nutritional yeast (yes, I have a mason jar for each of these!) can be put inside a glass jar and used as a shaker or container. If you have nails and a hammer, you can drill your own holes or – once again – buy a fitting lid for your convenience. Here’s a great reference!

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