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5 Pillars To Holistic Living

Looking at my life as a whole hasn’t always been a straightforward, concrete introspective experience. Though the more I learn about the connection between the body-mind complex and its relationship with others and the environment, the more inspired I felt to cultivate a 360-degree, daily approach to my life for optimal well-being.

One of the primary purposes of starting this website is to share my wellness, personal story through the lens of holistic living; however, my foremost intention is to show you how there’s no one way, perfect, Instagram-worthy view of living well. Indeed, my life is neither close to perfection nor to proclaiming that it’s better than others. But, I do have endless enthusiasm for making the best out of everything I’ve learned – good and “bad” – throughout my health journey.

As an introduction to addressing life integrally, I’ve listed five key areas to look at for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. When we pay attention to the impact of what we eat, say, think, feel, and do we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves as a whole.


It comes as no surprise that moving is essential to our well-being. Our human species is designed to move and sweat often, and the more we perform physical activities that we genuinely enjoy, the more unparalleled benefits we’ll get.

Do something that challenges and mobilizes your body every day and let that “inner coconut oil” moisturize you from the inside out (this is the metaphor I use with my yoga and pilates students).


There’s a growing body of research that supports the importance of good, quality sleep to living well. Among its many benefits, adequate sleep can combat disease and inflammation, promote glowing and youthful skin, optimize your sex life, and improve metabolic and hormonal functions. To learn more about the impact of sleep on overall health, I recommend following Arianna Huffington’s tips.


Coming from a Blue Zone country, I find it fascinating how much relationships can influence our health. Strong social networks and deep community ties have a tremendous effect on our levels of satisfaction, stress, and happiness – to name a few. 


Another metaphor I often use with my friends, family, and students is that of creating a magical pause or parenthesis in one’s daily dynamics. The purpose of this is to cultivate an intimate space within yourself to find and do what feels good.

Self-care can take multiple forms and interpretations, but most importantly, it can make a difference in one’s attitude toward life. If you’d like a few ideas on how to practice self-care, check this out. During this time of my life, my favorite self-nurturing activities are to breathe deeper, spend more present time with my husband and friends, write on my gratitude journal, and eat dark chocolate daily.


Food is life, and as the popular adage goes, “we are what we eat.” However, I must also add that “we are what we digest” – both physiologically, mentally, and emotionally. Good, nourishing food isn’t only limited to eating a healthy, clean diet. Ayurveda suggests that health is dictated by our capacity to digest the experiences we take in from the environment and our effectiveness to process them.

I like to think about “healthy” nutrition as an empowered way of eating. As with anything else, healthy eating is an individual process of discovering what fuels our bodies, mind, and actions for the beter.

Regardless of your approach to life, taking a broader and more in-depth look into who you are and how you relate to your surroundings can yield valuable information to enhance your quality of living – or as Lauren Zander says, “to human better.” Think (and feel) of what brings you joy and then continue to imprint yourself (and the world) with such contagious, luminous vibes!

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