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Why You Should Eat More Avocados For Hormone Health

There’s a ton of information out there about why women need to keep their hormones in check for optimal health. Even when we experience a natural and expected shift at a given moment (pregnancy or menopause, for example), aiming for a balanced hormone state is one of the pillars of our female health.

However, I believe it’s even more crucial to recognize the pivotal role of having a healthy gut microbiome in our hormone health. Enter – hormone superfoods! In short, the way our lovely gut bacteria break down and digest food influences hormone metabolism and use by our bodies. When our gut ecosystem is flourishing with healthy bacteria and properly functioning, the delicate choreography between our hormones and our well-being is most likely to thrive too.

Here are a few reasons why avocados are a must to support and nourish our female hormones and gut health from the inside out!

Monounsaturated Fats

  • Fat is one of the building blocks of hormone production, and if the body isn’t receiving and absorbing the dose it requires, hormone issues are most likely to occur. Avocados are an excellent source of heart-wholesome fats (mostly monosaturated), which aid in the proper absorption and use of nutrients, estrogen and progesterone production, and bowel regularity.

Fiber Powerhouse

  • Tagging off the previous sentence, avocados are also an excellent source of fiber (approximately 4.6 grams in one half). Besides promoting bowel health, the fiber in avocados might help in keeping blood sugar and cholesterol levels stable. Fiber-rich foods such as avocados provide satiety benefits that may reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome in adults.

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Stress Levels

  • According to Dr. Pelmutter, one avocado fruit contains a whopping 58 mg of magnesium – which is great news to our stress management efforts. Magnesium is a miraculous, critical mineral for our mental health, and including avocados in our diets is a healthful way to boost our mood and keep our brains young!


In short, avocados are a nutrient bomb that’s not only packed with numerous health benefits but it’s also easy to eat and fuse into our daily diet regimes.

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