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On Women & Well-being: My Graduate Research Project

I pursued my M.A. in Communication & Journalism (and graduated Summa Cum Laude two years later) in 2018, driven by my vision to launch a media outlet to disseminate ideas around health, well-being, women's issues, and culture. As said by Elizabeth Gilbert on Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, I would be "making myself available" to the views of women and well-being that kept galloping ...

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4 Things Costa Ricans Do To Promote Wellness

Pura Vida (or pure life in English) - Costa Rica's most famous saying, slogan, or greeting - is a direct reflection of how ticos and ticas live life. Indeed, coming from the tropics, I grew up surrounded by a lifestyle that's culturally and socially embedded in enjoying the simplest (but most important) things with a positive attitude: family, nature, community, etc. Costa Rican culture shapes how ...

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My 2019 Trip To Bolivia

Bolivia is a magical country filled with culture, colors, and cosmovision. For the fourth time in almost seven years, I had the chance of traveling to the so-called "heart of South America," and immerse myself in the beauty of its idiosyncrasy. There is something unique and life-changing about visiting the Andes, especially after growing up in Costa Rica where the contrast is unequivocal. As my ...

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