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11 Powerful Quotes To Keep Our Lives In Perspective

There are many things that can keep our lives in perspective, and words are one of them. I've collected quotes from the very first journal I received as a birthday present at 12. Although young and unfamiliar with the art of journaling, I soon found that writing like a stream of consciousness (as said by Julia Cameron) and documenting quotes, poems, lyrics, recipes, or short excerpts was a ...

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5 Self-Care Practices To Boost Self-Esteem

We could all use some nourishing ideas on how to boost and amplify our self-esteem. Self-care entails many approaches to how we live and experience our lives; however, it's vital not to confuse self-care with self-improvement. Although a beneficial tool for our personal development and motivation, the latter can often stem from a perfectionist mind and a belief that "we need to be fixed," which ...

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5 Ways To Boost Your Well-Being With A Morning Ritual

One of the first blog posts that I wrote on ximeluz was about my devotion to having a morning routine. Many months and life events have passed since - including finishing graduate school, a global pandemic, and putting my website on a long "pause." Now more than ever, I find it vital to revisit the importance of sustaining a morning ritual. A myriad of factors contribute to one's state of feeling ...

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4 Things Costa Ricans Do To Promote Wellness

Pura Vida (or pure life in English) - Costa Rica's most famous saying, slogan, or greeting - is a direct reflection of how ticos and ticas live life. Indeed, coming from the tropics, I grew up surrounded by a lifestyle that's culturally and socially embedded in enjoying the simplest (but most important) things with a positive attitude: family, nature, community, etc. Costa Rican culture shapes how ...

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5 Pillars To Holistic Living

Looking at my life as a whole hasn't always been a straightforward, concrete introspective experience. Though the more I learn about the connection between the body-mind complex and its relationship with others and the environment, the more inspired I felt to cultivate a 360-degree, daily approach to my life for optimal well-being. One of the primary purposes of starting this website is to share ...

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What I Love About Having A Morning Routine

As I was getting ready to write this post, I came across a great article on finding comfort in sameness and deriving power from following a daily routine. I entirely related to the author's perspective on enjoying unison in our daily lives - especially as we start our mornings. I love having a morning routine, and dare I say, a routine for almost everything else I do. Of course, I allow room for ...

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