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Two Costa Rican-Inspired Childhood Dessert Recipes

My mother's traditional chocolate cake, coconut paletas, guava-filled pastries, fried dough prestiños: I can't keep track of my lovely dessert memories of childhood growing up in Costa Rica. With a mix of nostalgia and determination, I've been making a list (hello glazomania) of childhood dessert recipes I want to make within the next month. They're easy to make, delicious, and extremely ...

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Protein-Rich Black Bean Brownie Recipe

Within the last four years (ever since I decided to reduce gluten in my diet), I've come across tasty and nutritious ways to eat one of the things that I love the most: dessert. Here's a great black bean brownie recipe inspired by Ambitious Kitchen's star, Monique. I did choose to add dairy to it, which you can always substitute for avocado or applesauce. Black beans are a versatile fiber-rich ...

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