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Every human being is a unique, dynamic ecosystem. And their health voyage should be too.

My wellness philosophy lies in recognizing what makes you feel well, balanced, and aligned with your body’s natural rhythms and fundamental well-being. I also believe that the best health and well-being expert lies within.

With over a decade of practice and experience in multiple mind-body disciplines, my purpose as a holistic health coach and wellness educator aligns with your unique bio-individuality, goals, and mindset. Whether you seek to get a thorough understanding of your health, include practical wellness shifts in your routine, tune in to your body’s intelligence, or explore your relationship with your inherent source of well-being, I am here to guide you!

Coaching is a beautiful opportunity to co-develop individualized strategies that create sustainable transformation and simple, healthy everyday practices, and a positive mindset that work for you. My offerings extend from in-depth consultations, custom holistic health programs, private Yoga & Pilates classes, and more. You can select which program is most suitable based on your specific requirements. If you have any questions, you can book a free consultation with me here

Our human bodies are designed to self-heal, seek balance, and thrive. When we choose to pause, listen to our bodies’ needs, and take action in the direction of our best selves, healing and well-being result from the inside out.


In-Depth Consultation + Personalized Integrative Health Protocol

Through unparalleled attention, customized wellness care, and an integrative approach to well-being, I devote my energy to offering health guidance for individuals globally.

The price for both in-depth & follow-up consultations is $430.


The experience of holistic health coaching and optimal living starts with a 60-minute virtual session to comprehensively examine your case, design goals, paint your healthiest self and answer any questions you might have. 


After the session, I will design a health protocol tailored to your specific goals and needs. I will also provide you with a one-hour follow-up consultation to address your unique case and offer educational guidance and optimal lifestyle practices to include in your daily rhythms.


One of my favorite coaching features is being able to help and motivate my clients to build a healthy, joy-giving foundation for their wellness journey.

Learning to identify these unique building parts and cultivating the right mindset are critical tools I want to help you develop as part of your ever-growing well-being experience. You can choose to continue your holistic health coaching experience as follows:


  • A comprehensive program designed to help you address your health and lifestyle holistically and elevate your sense of well-being.
  • Education on mind-body balance and optimization.
  • Available in English or Spanish.
  • 50-min coaching sessions every week via Skype or Zoom.
  • Guidance on creating transformative practices, shifts, and habits.
  • One private, 40-min movement session (Yoga, Pilates, or guided meditation) monthly (optional).
  • Notes, suggestions, summaries, and reflections on your progress after each session.
  • Mindset coaching!
  • Unlimited email support.


  • One, 50-min coaching session to address anything you would like to learn, know or get guidance on in the realms of movement, health (body, mind, and spirit), nutrition, self-care, wellness optimization, and soul-nourishing practices.


I thought overall; it was a great experience. What I found really nice (about Ximena) was how she would pause, say my name, and then add something really nice about what I had written or about me and my health. What comes across through that type of interaction is that Ximena really cares about me as a client, that she really thought about what I wrote (in the health forms), and who I am as a person. I would keep doing that with my clients; it builds a bond. I really like how she integrates different perspectives on health and wellness, such as Ayurveda, traditional Chinese medicine, western health, and helped me see how they can all come together.

Darrell Kundargi Darrell Kundargi - Hydrologist

I’ve taken yoga classes over many years with many teachers, and Ximena is the best yoga teacher I’ve had. Her descriptions are spot on and easy to follow. She has carefully thought through the progression of each class. Somehow, I find her classes way more relevant to and impactful on my everyday life than most yoga classes. I also appreciate how open she is to tweaking positions to fit a variety of body needs or suit your personal goals.I was fortunate enough to have 2 recent wellness coaching sessions with Ximena. Before the first session, I filled out a thought-provoking questionnaire covering a range of topics. During the first session (a virtual meeting during COVID times), she discussed my answers with me, asking pertinent questions yet never prying. She is a very gentle, perceptive, and generous soul. She then emailed me a detailed response, full of useful and creative suggestions, which we discussed during our second session. She clearly knows a lot about many areas of wellness, including nutrition exercise. In short, Ximena’s sessions were both interesting and useful. She is a smart, articulate, and empathetic woman who is extremely supportive. I would recommend her to anyone looking to improve their sense of well-being.

Joan Zucker Joan Zucker - Musician
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